Stars love to play peekaboo — but we’ve blown their cover!

They wear sunglasses and hats to hide from the public and check into hotels using an alias. They’re really clever, but The ENQUIRER has exposed their favorite ruse — the phony identification.

Oprah Winfrey uses “Sophie Lee.” Sophie comes from her “Color Purple” character, Sofia, as well as the name of the beloved pooch her long-time beau Stedman Graham gave her as a birthday gift. Lee is her mother’s maiden name.

Ben Affleck often goes by the name “Jack Walsh” — Robert De Niro‘s character in 1988’s “Midnight Run,” one of Ben’s favorite flicks.

Songbird Mary J. Blige loves “The Cosby Show” so when she travels with her husband, she usually checks in as “Mr. & Mrs. Huxtable.”

A little birdie may have tipped brooding Oscar winner Russell Crowe to his assumed name — “Russell Black.” (Black, Crowe, get it?)

Michael Jackson hates being called Wacko Jacko. He childishly prefers “Mr. Simpson” or “Mr. Sterling.”


Robert De Niro checks in using an everyday sort of name — “Bob Collins.”

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston have been known to blow their own cover by having horrendous fights in their hotel rooms, but they check in as “Justin Case.” It’s a play on “just in case” someone needs to contact them.

Nicole Kidman, always thinking sweet thoughts, usually goes by “Ms. Sugar” — but sometimes she arrives in full bloom as “Ms. Blossom.”

Naomi Campbell may not be a role model or as sweet as Nicole, but she also goes by “Ms. Sugar.”

Rocker Neil Young goes by the shaky alias ” Bernard Shakey.”

Jude Law picked his name out of the blue — “Mr. Blue” or “Mr. Blancheflower.”

And smooth-as-silk musician Lenny Kravitz struck just the right note with “Silky Jones.” — PATRICIA SHIPP