Feline coughs up Constitutional hairball, ignites incendiary controversy as HANK THE CAT runs for Senate.

The Washington Post (no less) reported that the newest candidate to emerge in a U.S. Senate race to challenge former Virginia governors George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) made his prescence known with a single utterance: “Meow.”

The candidate, who goes by the name of  “Hank,” is a cat.

 A 9-year-old street cat, from Springfield, a master of viral marketing, has a Web site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle.

Hank  announced his candidacy earlier this month, and his promotional materials describe him as “a proud Independent” with “real world experience, a unique point of view, and limitless energy.”

The “Hank for Senate” site seeks volunteers to “harp on Hank” by going door-to-door, making phone calls, and working the polls on election day.

Eligibility requirements could be Hank's first real challenge.

Federal law mandates that Senate candidates be a minimum 30 years-old, yet Hank was born in 2003.

BUT in cat years that makes him 52.

Hank may yet claw out a victory.