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Nathan Fillion Has Diva Fit On ‘Castle’ Set

Furious over Stana Katic getting attention!

NATHAN FILLION is the star of “Castle” – and he’s not about to let anyone forget it!

Insiders on the set of the hit ABC series say the 42-year-old actor recently threw a “diva fit” of epic proportions because he felt his co-star, Stana Katic, 35, was getting too much attention. The sixth season initially focused on Katic’s character, Det. Kate Beckett, working with the FBI in Washington.

“Nathan saw the show skewing more and more toward Beckett, and he finally went off on the producers,” revealed an insider. “Nathan railed, ‘The name of the show is ‘Castle’ not ‘Beckett’… now fix it!’ It was the ultimate diva meltdown.”

“Castle” debuted in 2009 and follows mystery novelist Richard Castle and Det. Beckett as they work together to solve some of New York City’s more unusual crimes.

Although Beckett initially balked at the idea of collaborating with Castle, the two have developed an undeniable chemistry. “Nathan loves the romantic interplay that Castle has with Beckett, but his viewpoint is that his character is more important than Stana’s, and there’s no fighting it,” said the insider.

This isn’t the first time Nathan has thrown a tantrum about the show.

In July, the temperamental star was a no-show on the set in an attempt to lobby studio bosses for a four-day workweek.

“Nathan lost that battle, but he’s won the war for being the undisputed star of ‘Castle,’” added the insider.

“He pulled the trump card of there being no series without him, and producers gave in.”