Casey Kasem ‘Death Sentence’: “You Have Blood On Your Hands!!!”

CASEY KASEM judge overrules court order OKs daughter to stop hydrating and feeding ailing radio legend as wife screams “You hve  blood on your hands!”

Kasem’s wife Jean Kasem, 59,  exploded and her lawyer Steve Haney dasmned all to an interminable hell saying, “You just imposed a death sentence,” her lawyer Steve Haney added as he followed her out.

Judge Daniel S. Murphy said he changed his mind after receiving medical records from St. Anthony’s Hospital near Seattle saying the ailing “American Top 40” host, 82, was not responding to artificial nutrition and fluids, leading to painful complications.“It would be acutely harmful for Mr. Kasem to have nutrition and hydration restored at this time,” the judge said.

“This was at the advisement of doctors at St. Anthony’s.”

Yet, Kasem’s wife of 34 years told the judge that her husband expressed his wish to continue living using eye and eyebrow movements to communicate some sort of familial morse code during a five-minute meeting at the hospital last week.

The judge upheld an earlier conservatorship granted to Casey’s eldest daughter Kerri Kasem saying she has the power to say what’s best for her dying dad.

The judge stated that Jean did not act “in the best interests” of her sick, husband when she removed him from a “skilled” California nursing home at 2:30 in the morning May 7 against doctors’ orders and took him to a private residence in Washington State.

Jean, gave an impassioned speech to the judge before his ruling claiming she and her daughter Liberty have been terrorized by Kerri since last year when she organized a massive protest outside the fortress compound.

“We have lived in sheer horror of this girl,” she said, pounding her fist on a courtroom table over and over.