FINANCIALLY strapped CASEY ANTHONY is getting requests to consider a new plan to make money – streaming live porn im­ages of herself from her home!

America’s despised “Monster Mom” has been living in hiding with no real income since July 2011, when she was found not guilty of murdering her adorable 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

She recently filed for bankruptcy, and with debts of $800,000 hang­ing over her head, the 26-year-old former jailbird has received offers to cash in on the lucrative XXX-rated Internet craze, says an adult entertainment insider.

“Casey is flat broke with no way of repaying her debts,” the source told The ENQUIRER. “She’ll never get a regular 9 to 5 job, and no legitimate book publisher or TV net­work will give her a deal for her story. That’s why I think she will eventually get into the home porn business.

“Casey has already received offers from executives at various com­panies that stream porno and anonymously contacted women who have made this their career. Many of them are students and bored housewives, and they en­couraged her to go for it.”

But while most women get kinky without revealing their true identities, the source believes that won’t be Casey’s approach.

“Casey has to go public and use her real name,” explained the source. “She may be one of the world’s most hated women, but there’s a twisted fascination with her, and she has to cash in on that notoriety.

“You can bet she’ll quickly move into the hardcore XXX-rated material because that’s where the real money is.”

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