LeAnn Rimes needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business! T

he “How Do I Live” singer sparked a bitter feud with Carrie Underwood when she stepped in to defend her pal Faith Hill over what turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

In 2006, CarrIe – who’d won “American idol” just a year earlier – was named the Country music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year, beating out Faith.

When Carrie’s name was announced, Faith feigned anger and stormed off camera. But it was all in jest, and Faith called Carrie to apologize. LeAnn, however, missed the joke.

“I feel I need to stand up for my friend, Faith,” LeAnn posted on her website. “She was just being honest… we all work very hard and have for many years, so to see someone come in and win Female Vocalist that has been here for a VERY short time, is a little disheartening.

“She probably felt, as i did, that Carrie has not paid her dues long enough to fully deserve the award.”

When LeAnn realized the joke was on her, she quickly removed the posting – but it was too late.

“Carrie was shocked and hurt LeAnn would attack her and her credibility that way,” the source said.

LeAnn has never made an attempt to smooth things over, either, even though the two women have crossed paths over the years.

“I think after all this time LeAnn is probably embarrassed to approach Carrie, and Carrie has a very long memory,” the source added. “She’s never forgiven the slight.”