Caroline Kennedy’s Marriage Is ‘A Complete Joke!’

Caroline Kennedy and husband Edwin Schlossberg

As troubled as the Obamas’ marriage is, Caroline Kennedy’s is worse!

Caroline wed New York businessman Edwin Schlossberg, 70, in 1986. The couple have three kids, Rose, 27, Tatiana, 25, and Jack, 22.

“It’s a joke,” sources told The National ENQUIRER. “They live separate lives. Since Caroline was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Japan in 2013, she’s been living overseas, while Ed stays with the kids in New York. They like it that way.”

But staunch Catholic Caroline will never split with Ed because she doesn’t believe in divorce, the source explained to The ENQUIRER.

“Caroline decided long ago, there’s been enough tragedy, scandal and bitter marital conflict in the Kennedy family,” said the source. “As the last surviving daughter of Camelot, a divorce was never in the cards.”

For appearance’s sake, the couple will occasionally be seen together – the last time being at New York’s Ellis Island Foundation’s Gala in May.