Captain America Shields Fling With Elizabeth Olsen From Public!

Chris evans elizabeth olsen getty

CHRIS EVANS almost did a super job of hiding his fling with “Captain America: Civil War” co-star ELIZABETH OLSEN!

Rumors swirled in May that Mary-Kate and Ashley’s baby sis “Lizzie” had hooked up with actor Tom Hiddleston, but on-set spies revealed that romance was a “total decoy.”

“Chris and Lizzie are definitely involved in some kind of ultra-secret romance that’s being kept under wraps while they shoot,” said The ENQUIRER’s on-set source in Atlanta.

“The attraction between them has been there from day one.

“But Chris is paranoid about his womanizing becoming public while he’s on this multi-picture deal with Marvel. He’s protecting his image, and will bend over backwards to keep things quiet!”