CANDICE BERGEN, best known for MURPHY BROWN and CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, is knocking on celluloid to prove she’s NO wooden girl.

Candice is producing a film about her dad, famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

To a new gen who barely know who Candie is, much less Edgar, the bio-pic is much needed for Pop Kultists.

The big screen saga will essay the tale of Candice’s pop Edgar Bergen and his ventriloquist’s dummy  Charlie McCarthy who became a celebrity during the era of radio when neither ventriloquist nor dummy were even seen!

The movie will be based on Candice Bergen’s 1984 classic  memoir, “Knock Wood.”

Candice Bergen said her father was overshadowed by the 3-foot-long wood character named Charlie McCarthy, who had ALL the best lines while mastermind Edgar Bergen played straight man.

Pretty much like Abbott & Costello except Edgar Bergen was both!

And was also intellectually challenged Mortimer Snerd -Charlie the dummy’s sidekick.

“This creation took over and eclipsed the creator,” Candice Bergen said.

“It was the dummy that wouldn’t die. All the fan mail initially went to Charlie. And Edgar wasn’t really welcome at parties in the beginning unless Charlie was with him.

“It was totally surreal.”

We can’t wait!