Camper Dana Plato Died In Is For Sale

The ex-child star hit hard times.

Dana Plato Diff’rent Strokes Death Camper For Sale
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Drug-plagued Diff’rent Strokes kid Dana Plato downed a fatal mix of prescription pills 20 years ago in a run-down Winnebago — and now the vehicle in which she died is for sale!

The National ENQUIRER tracked down the piece of TV history in Oklahoma City and spoke to owner Tim Carver, who was hoping to get offers rising as high as $55,000!

“I bought it from Dana’s mother-in-law in 2015. It looked bad,” Tim told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.
“I repaired it … now it runs great and drives fine!”

Dana was 13 when she began her run on Diff’rent Strokes in 1978. But her life spiraled downward when she was fired from the sitcom in 1984 after getting pregnant. She married musician Lanny Lambert, but they divorced in 1990.
Turning to booze and drugs, she posed for Playboy, made softcore porn, and was busted for robbing a store and forging a prescription.

Dirt-poor Dana was found dead by fiancé Robert Menchaca at age 34 on May 8, 1999.
Authorities first said she’d accidentally overdosed on Valium and painkiller Lortab, but her death was later ruled a suicide.

Now, Tim just wants to sell Dana’s last home to a responsible owner.
“I’m not a creepy guy,” he said. “I would like it to end up in a Hollywood museum!”