Botched Botox?

Calista Flockhart’s ‘Chipmunk Cheeks’

Actress goes from glowing beauty to a frumpy fright!

Liam and Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart may have ruined her once-beautiful face in a desperate bid to stay young — forever!

The formerly skeletal “Ally McBeal” star was caught on camera looking like a misshapen mess!

“She looks like a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter,” says Dr. Lyle Back, who has not treated the “Supergirl” star. “Somebody blew her cheeks up like a zeppelin, and now they’re starting to drop and sag — badly.”

Dr. Back speculates Calista has had multiple facelifts, along with far too many Botox and filler injections to her cheeks and lips that are now being overpowered by her age — and the laws of gravity.

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“A lot of times if you get a little bit of filler, it helps,” Dr. Back commented. “It gives you a youthful and plumper look. But the problem is if you keep pumping it in, it becomes like a water balloon — and when it goes down, it’s a blobby mess.”

Ironically, the botched cosmetic work has left Calista, who wed “Indiana Jones” hunk Harrison Ford in 2010, looking WAY older than her 52 years, Last year, experts believed Calista had repeatedly dipped into the Botox well, although her reps had previously said talk of a nip and tuck was “absolutely not true.”

“She’s a dainty person with a dainty face,” Dr. Back said. “Her previous facial work was great, but someone put the idea in her head that, with her flat cheeks and loss of fullness due to age, she needed drastic treatment. Now she’s paying the price.”