Bad-boy actor Gary Busey says he has multiple personalities, and that’s what got him banned from “The Howard Stern Show.”

The Oscar-nominated star of “The Buddy Holly Story,” says one particular personality can get pretty wild, and that was the one that triggered a meltdown while the actor was being interviewed on Stern’s syndicated radio show. Busey bear-hugged Howard’s sidekick Robin Quivers up off her feet and then wrestled an angry Howard to the ground — and has never been asked back.

“I have 13 separate personality parts that I know of,” the actor said. “That personality you saw on Howard Stern that day is ‘Pesky, the Excitable Boy.'”

Busey is now starring in the bizarre reality show “I’m With Busey” on Comedy Central, the perfect vehicle for his crazy personalities and ideas.

Friends link Busey’s bizarre behavior to a 1988 motorcycle crash in which he nearly died of head injuries and they confirm he’s got multiple personalities. Besides Pesky, they say his other characters include a sort of Charles Dickens personality, a futuristic man who speaks like a space alien, and a crazy, likeable guy named Teddy Jack Eddy.