Burt Reynolds’ Blindness Terror

Burt Reynolds may sport flashy rose-colored glasses, but the future looks anything but rosy for the fading Hollywood legend.

Friends and top medical experts believe the 79-year-old actor may be gearing up for a battle against blindness, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“Burt’s been hiding this for a while now,” revealed a source. “It’s the real reason he rushed out his memoir — so he’d still be able to see while promoting it and making the rounds in public.”

Burt’s rep told The ENQUIRER: “That is the craziest thing I ever heard and I heard a lot … Burt can see a beautiful woman 5 miles away.”

But a top medical source confirmed Burt’s bizarre pink shades could be an attempt to shield his eyes from sensitivity to light.

“No, it’s not a fashion statement,” Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Burt, told The ENQUIRER. “Those are to prevent certain types of light wavelengths from inflaming the retina. It’s part of a medical treatment.”

Burt likely suffers from an eye condition that could lead to blindness, Dr. Fischer added.

“It can be a complication of autoimmune illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis. The base illness attacks the joints, the eyes and other organs. That could certainly result in blindness,” he said.