China revives kung fu legend from beyond grave!

Bruce Lee, the HK born actor, a source of nationalistic pride for mainland China, is the subject of a senses shattering 50 part television series dramatizing Lee’s life. 

Bruce is a national hero despite the fact Lee’s films didn’t surface until bootleg videos became available on the mainland years after his death in 1973.

China’s official network Central China Television is dropping a whopping $7.3 million (50 million Yuan) to produce biopic series The Legend of Bruce Lee.  Shot over a nine month period in the US, Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand and Italy the series will air daily for practically a year.

The series will be unusually detailed about Lee’s life from his formative years in Hong Kong to his move to the US where he taught martial arts before coming to prominence as the costar of the TV series The Green Hornet and then in a series of movies culminating with his last completed film Enter the Dragon.  Lee was also the creator of the kung fu style Jeet Kune Do or the Way of the Intercepting Fist.

"He wrote the word ‘kung fu’ into English dictionaries. He made people aware of China," CCTV official Zhang Xiaohai stated.

"We’ve only seen the glorious side of Bruce Lee," actor Danny Chan said. "But very few people know what injuries he suffered and what grievances he suffered."

Including the fact the Kung Fu King was deathly afraid of cockroaches.