HE’S becoming the biggest transgender celebrity in history – and Bruce Jenner is dreaming of hot hunks to seduce into becoming a Tinseltown power couple!

A close friend has revealed Bruce’s bombshell “Hollywood Lust List” to The National ENQUIRER, including Adam Sandler, celebrity ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, former “The Six Million Dollar Man” star Lee Majors and Kathie Lee’s former football-star hubby Frank Gifford!

“Bruce wants to get closer to the men he’s lusted after in Hollywood for years, and he’s prepared to lay his cards on the table!” the pal told The ENQUIRER.

The 65-year-old reality TV star has the hots for funnyman Adam, among others, another source confirmed.

Said the insider: “Bruce fell for Adam when he filmed a cameo in Adam’s 2011 movie, ‘Jack and Jill’ – but I’m sure Adam’s beautiful wife, Jackie, would be none too pleased to know Bruce is hot for her man.”

Bruce has known Hollywood leading man Lee since the Olympic gold medalist had a guest appearance on Lee’s popular 1980s TV series, “The Fall Guy.”

“Bruce considers Lee the consummate macho man – but Lee is married to his fourth wife, a hot blonde named Faith,” added the insider.

At 84, former NFL star Frank is past his prime – but the insider said: “Bruce thinks he has a fighting chance.”

On the younger end of the spectrum are disgraced golf great Tiger Woods and producer/host Ryan Seacrest.

Said the pal: “Ryan has been on Bruce’s radar for a long time. Bruce has always poked fun at Ryan for being so metrosexual.”

Bruce is also sweet on close pal Jeff, gushing on a 2013 “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode: “If he played golf, I’d marry him.”