Bruce Jenner shocked the world when a source claimed he underwent a procedure that is typically the first step in gender reassignment – but sources say he’s now having second thoughts about possible plans

to become a woman after his kids and an ex-wife pleaded with him to reconsider.

On the other hand, his estranged third wife, Kris, is encouraging the 64-year-old Olympic legend to go forward with a sex change procedure.

“Bruce is completely torn,” disclosed a family insider. “It’s one thing to have grown his hair and nails out and to have his Adam’s apple surgically shaved, but it’s something else to actually follow through with the last stage.”

Bruce showed off his smooth neck – along with what appears to be new hair plugs and hot ombre hair color – for the first time on Feb. 10 while shooting a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” episode in Los Angeles. He’s previously denied the laryngeal shave is part of a sex change, insisting he just likes his neck to look that way.

But according to the insider, Bruce’s stepdaughters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, are so concerned that he may be considering sexual reassignment they staged an intervention at his Malibu home in late January.

“The girls were crying and telling Bruce they worried he could die on the operating table,” said the insider. “A full sex change is terribly complicated surgery, and at Bruce’s age, more risk arises.

“Khloe told Bruce that it’s just psychologically too much for her sisters and her to lose another father.”

The women’s biological dad, Robert Kardashian, died of esophageal cancer in 2003.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s daughters with Kris, Kylie 16, and Kendall,  18, are “extremely confused” and “don’t know what to think,” says a source. And Bruce’s grown sons with second wife Linda Thompson, Brandon and Brody,

have reportedly admitted to friends that they’re finally accepting that Bruce is having an “identity crisis,” but that they blame Kris, 58, for introducing him to plastic surgery.

Linda, who remains friends with  her ex, has advised Bruce to take a six-month “cooling-off period” before undergoing any additional procedures, says the source.

Even Kanye West – Kim’s husband- to-be – has thrown in his two cents. “Kanye told Bruce that he’s an Olympic icon who can still get women,” said a source. “He still believes that Bruce wants to bed women, not become one.

“Kanye privately told Bruce he’d look awful as a woman and he should definitely think twice about having a sex change.”

But Kris – who announced in October that she and Bruce were splitting after 22 years of marriage – is reportedly pressing him to forge ahead, although she had previously denied the sex change.

“She told him that life is too short not to be happy,” said the insider. “But other family members suspect Kris doesn’t have his best interests at heart.

“She’s been moaning that the family brand is slipping, as are the ratings for ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ Kris was practically salivating at the publicity that a Bruce Jenner sex change could bring in.”

For now, Bruce is putting any plans he may have on hold as his family continues to weigh in on his future.

The insider added: “Bruce values all of their opinions, but he told them all that, in the end, he has to look deep in his own heart and find the answer.”