BRUCE JENNER’s bizarre surgeries that are making him look more and more like a woman have turned into a living nightmare, inside sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

The Olympic champion is experiencing terrifying complications to his face, nose, neck, lips and breasts, according to a family insider, who claimed: “His physical transformation
 … has turned into a major disaster.

“He’s sculpted and reshaped his nose so much – to give it an ultra-thin and feminine appearance – he can barely breathe out of it!”

“A botched rhinoplasty can lead to facially disfiguring results,” Dr. Kathy Rumer, a Philadelphia-based aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who has not treated Bruce, told The ENQUIRER. “You can have permanent redness of the nose and, if the undermining of the soft tissue is too severe, you can have skin death. There can also be functional problems that lead to difficulty in breathing.”

Bruce has similar concerns as he begins a new life after ending his 22-year marriage to Kris Jenner, the insider explained, adding: “He’s worried that he’ll wind up like Michael Jackson, with his nose literally crumbling off his face so that he’ll need a prosthetic!”

And yet we’re told Bruce, 65, is thinking of having more work done on his neck – even after the laryngeal shave that reduced his Adam’s apple to a more feminine look: “Bruce complains that his throat looks lumpy … which is why he wears a lot of high-neck shirts.”

Bruce considers his lips to be another problem area: “He’s injected so much crap into them to plump them up that they’re also lumpy and prone to sores. There are hard spots and, along with the fillers and Botox injections, his skin is stretched so taut that Bruce looks like his mouth and lips are locked in a permanent frown.”

According to noted plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar, who also has not treated the Olympian: “Bruce’s lip augmentation looks unnatural. Lip augmentation in men requires a conservative amount of fillers to look natural, compared to lip augmentation in females.

“It would have been more appropriate to augment his cheeks to create a feminine look.”

And, said the insider, Bruce’s boobs also appear to be (literally) heading south: “Bruce’s burgeoning breasts are droopy and saggy, and one is bigger than the other. He certainly wouldn’t look good in a tight-fitting dress or blouse.”

Dr. Shahar estimated Bruce has likely spent close to $40,000, simply judging from the work that can be seen. A facelift can cost $15,000. The laryngeal shave is estimated at $6,000 and Bruce’s nose job could have cost $12,000. His use of hyaluronic acid fillers for his lips and the area around his mouth can cost between $2,000 to $3,000. If he got an estrogen hormonal treatment to augment the growth of breasts, it could easily run $3,000.

The family insider said the actual cost is much higher: “Bruce has already spent millions on procedures, as well as maintenance and upkeep, which I think is making him look as feminine as possible.”

As The ENQUIRER exclusively reported, Bruce has previously grown out his hair as part of what experts call a “feminization process.” He’s also sprung for hair plugs, highlights, Botox injections and skin fillers. What’s more, he’s been wearing a sports bra in public – along with Spanx, slimming shapewear favored by the Kardashian women.

On October 28, Bruce’s 65th birthday, he flaunted his brightly painted and manicured nails. He was also recently photographed in Malibu sporting a French manicure and wearing lip gloss and large diamond studs.

“Bruce is a plastic surgery mess,” added the insider. “He’s a poster boy for everything that can go wrong and for what not to do.”