Brooke Shields Suing Makeup Company Charlotte Tilbury

Actress wants Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil taken off the market!

Brooke Shields Suing Makeup Company
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Charlotte Tilbury is in deep s–t. The makeup company is being sued by actress Brooke Shields, TMZ has reported.

According to the news outlet, the 53-year-old is p—d off at the company for allegedly using her eyebrows to make them money. The makeup company has a product called “browlift” and one of the shades is called “Brooke S.” Coincidence?

That said, the Pretty Baby actress is convinced the company is just using her name and perfect brows — and she said they never asked her if it was OK!

The eyebrow pencil is sold by a slew of retailers, which is how Brooke noticed it in the first place. And since she never signed anything with Charlotte Tilbury, she doesn’t want fans and users of the product to think she endorsed it.

In addition to wanting the makeup tool to be taken off the market, Brooke is suing for damages.

We mean, she’s got a point. Pun intended.