Shocking Interview!

Brooke Shields’ Stalker: ‘I Was Framed!’

Says the star lied under oath!

brooke shields stalker

Actress Brooke Shields should be jailed for committing perjury in court, said a New York man convicted of stalking the beauty!

In a blockbuster exclusive, John Rinaldi, who spent 60 days in the slammer for terrorizing the star, told The National ENQUIRER that the former Calvin Klein model lied to a judge — and he’ll appeal his conviction on four counts of harassment and stalking!

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“She lied under oath and committed perjury when she filed four fake charges against me,” Rinaldi, 49, insisted, adding that lawmen “trumped up” charges to pressure him into a plea deal.

Rinaldi was found guilty by Manhattan Judge Kevin McGrath after the 51-year- old actress testified in court about a decade-long pattern of harassment.

“I can’t live this way any longer,” she told the judge.

However, Rinaldi says he only reached out to the Blue Lagoon legend to raise funds for his children’s charity.

Rinaldi also told The ENQUIRER that he “felt comfortable” contacting Brooke because her late mother, Teri Shields, was a close family friend who help him when he was a teenager.

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Rinaldi claimed his repeated run-ins with Brooke, her producer husband Chris Henchy and their children are coincidental because he lives in the same New York City neighborhood — the West Village.

“I have to stay away from Brooke and her family until the year 2020,” ranted Rinaldia, “and now I can’t even walk down my own street!”