‘Hard-Partying’ ‘Lost Boys’ Star Brooke McCarter Dead At 52

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Brooke McCarter — who flirted with fame as young vampire Paul in the 1987 horror hit “The Lost Boys” — passed away suddenly at the age of 52, shocking longtime friends who remember him as a hard-partying contemporary of fellow doomed star Corey Haim!

“He was too close to Corey,” said one Hollywood insider.

“Brooke wanted to help out his pal by trying to shoot a documentary to cover up Corey’s drug use, but it ended up being an industry joke!”

Brooke was originally working as a male model when he began to accept film roles, but his splashy turn in "The Lost Boys" — where his character died in a bathtub full of garlic and holy water — couldn’t lead to bigger things.

In fact, Brooke’s next big project would be a 1989 direct-to-video project that he made for drugged-out Corey Haim, who was trying to salvage the film career that had been launched by his work with Corey Feldman in “The Lost Boys.”

“Corey Haim had become known for being an addict, and he was sick of being a teen idol as part of ‘The Two Cories,’” said an insider.

“Brooke decided to be Corey’s manager, and made a documentary in 1989 called ‘Me, Myself and I’ about how healthy and normal Corey was — but Brooke wasn’t exactly the type who could keep Corey straight.

“The film ended up looking like everybody on the set was stoned!”

Even worse, “Me, Myself and I” depressed Corey after the documentary’s endless shots of the shirtless young star turned the video into an underground favorite for admirers of barely-legal young men!

Brooke gave up show biz soon after, but “The Lost Boys” still paid off for him in other ways.

“He barely worked after ‘The Lost Boys,’” said a veteran horror-convention booker, “but Brooke didn’t turn down many chances to hit the horror conventions, sign autographs, and party really hard!”

Brooke even got to make a comeback when one convention appearance landed him an offer to star in a 2009 horror movie called “The Uh-oh Show,” where he played the host of a game show where contestants lost their limbs!

Brooke’s death was announced on his Facebook page by his family:

The McCarter family is heartbroken to share the news that Brooke McCarter passed away December 22, 2015 from the genetic liver condition alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AAT).

He was 52. Brooke was our loving son, brother, father, cousin, nephew and friend.

“It’s sad to lose Brooke, but it’s good to know that he didn’t go out like Corey from a drug overdose,” said the convention booker.

“He had a kid, so maybe Brooke had his act together towards the end!”