Father Knows Best!

Britney’s Dad Spies On Her New Guy

Private eyes checking out suspected cheater!

britney spears dating wedding

Britney Spears’ conservator dad, Jamie, is worried her new man is a “Womanizer” — and has hired a private investigation team to look into the model’s cheating past!

After an ex-girlfriend of Brit’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, claimed the 23-year-old was two-timing Britney, her pit-bull dad jumped into action!

A mole revealed, “So Jamie launched a full-scale investigation into Sam’s past. He hired a team of eight private investigators. Britney is heartbroken because she thought she’d finally found her knight in shining armor.”

Britney Spears Steps Out After Niece’s Miracle Recovery

Sam is going to have to get through a serious vetting process to stay on the pop-star’s arm.

“Jamie warned Britney if he finds damning information on Sam, he’ll force Sam out of her life,” added the mole.