On Monday, Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled Britney Spears‘ father Jaime will remain her co-conservator alongside lawyer Andrew Wallet until Feb. 14.

Earlier in the day Brit’s new attorney, Adam Streisand, argued that the pop wreck did not want her dad in control of her medical, legal and financial decisions. “She has expressed a very strong desire that her father not be appointed conservator,” Streisand said. “He has been estranged from her and this is causing her even more stress.” Streisand, who is a cousin of singer Barbra Streisand, said keeping Jaime Spears as Britney’s guardian “would only cause further distress, agitation and estrangement.”

The Commissioner disagreed, especially in light of testimony from an investigator for the court who said he met with Britney in the psych ward on Sunday and she “lacks the capacity to retain information.”

As for Brit’s contact with her pal Sam Lutfi, the court decided she is to have no communication with him. The restraining order against Lufti stays in effect, even though a process server was unable to serve him papers. Lufti refused to answer the door, according to reports.

In a separate hearing Monday morning, Britney’s child custody battle over her two kids was postponed until Feb. 19. She currently has no visitiation rights with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.