Normalcy enhanced Britney Spears spent a quiet Father’s Day with Dad Jamie

In fact, she went swimming with the fishes.

Well…actually mammals.  Dolphins are mammals.

Hard to believe it was a mere year ago that father and daughter battled.  Jamie seizing control of her finances and Brit fighting him — as her life, career, kids and underwear spiraled out-of-control.

Now it’s all sweetness and light, peaches and cream as father and daughter spent the day in the happiest kingdom of all – Las Vegas.

According to sources, Brit and Dad whiled away a lazy Sunday in Siegfried & Roy‘s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Las Vegas Mirage.

Brit went gaga over Siegfried & Roy’s six-week old tiger cubs in their special nursery and took pictures of the cubs.

The aquatic siren then dove into the dolphin habitat for a very special swim-a-long with her new finny friends.

According to sources, upon surfacing, Brit promptly had her stylist inspect her hair extensions.

Happily, the blonde flowing locks were found to be brine free.