Rob Shuter

Britney Spear’s ‘Broken’ Brain Has Friends Fearing The Worst

Pop diva is getting 'dizzy,' say insiders!

britney spears mental health fears
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Rob Shuter reports… The mind of Britney Spears has reportedly gone blank — sparking big concerns from insiders!

“Britney is forgetting stuff at an alarming rate, and it’s very worrying to her friends and family,” a source told The National ENQUIRER.

“She can’t remember even the simplest things, like where she’s performing and people’s names.”

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And, claimed the insider, things were only getting more difficult with Britney in the midst of a worldwide series of shows.

“This tour,” said the source, “with all the travel to strange places and new hotels every other night, is not good for someone with her mental health issues!”