Britney Spears kicked off her morning with a chat with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday. Too bad she went MIA half-way through the call! In an effort to promote her new comeback album, Blackout, the pop princess answered a few questions about her professional and personal life with some help from her entourage.

Brit’s assistants/friends Alli Sims and Sam Lutfi woke up the singer after she overslept and helped facilitate the call for a drowsy-sounding Spears. Brit said she didn’t do much to celebrate the CD’s release, just watched movies at home. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember which movies she watched.

As for all the media attention she’s been getting, Britney said, “I try to not let it get to me. People talk and they say what they… It’s sad how people … how cruel our world can be. But at the end of the day you gotta to know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can.” She said she felt like she was doing everything she can for her kids but when asked about visitation with her sons, Spears said, “My lawyers know about all that.”

Britney also revealed that her favorite track on the new album is “Heaven and Earth” and that it was the record producer’s idea to say “It’s Britney, Bitch” in the “Gimme More?” intro.

Seacrest also inquired about Britney’s reported weekend rendezvous with football star Tony Romo, but the singer just said, “Who?” Shortly after that, the connection got fuzzy and then Brit went to take a shower, according to Alli.