LATEST update: Brit’s dada Jamie conservatorship gets
restraining order order against former "manager" Osama "Sam" Lutfi and one-time boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, court records show.  As The Enquirer previously reported Jamie had a fit when he saw Brit was e-mailing and texting her no-good-nik pals.  Now the conservatorship has put a stop to that. 

Previously on Days of Britney: A very nasty phone fight between Brit and K-FED.

The Rebounder is no fan of K-Fed’s new GF ex-volleyball-er Victoria Prince and recently unleashed a torrent of obscenities via phone to ex-hubby K about just how upset she is!

An insider called the conversation a "total hysterical screaming match," and reported that Brit told Kevin that she didn’t want that c#*t anywhere near her kids!"

According to the source, K-Fed apparently went into exasperating detail, finally reminding his ex-wife, "You really don’t have much say about that."

Kevin was no doubt referring to the limited legal rights Brit has with their children,  Sean Preston and Jayden James.   

Despite losing custody of the boys and still firmly under the guiding hand of the dadda Jamie, Brit seems to be dealing with pain in a more mature manner these days.

"Britney didn’t go take a pill or a drink, but went downstairs and did some yoga to calm down," the source divulged.