Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned as the love lost between Gov. Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol and ex- baby daddy Levi Johnston erupts into war!

Bristol Palin, 18, who recently cut Levi, 19,  out of her life, but is still trying to control him, a close source told The ENQUIRER.

"What Bristol is doing amounts to emotional blackmail," says the close source.

"She no longer wants Levi in her life and is threatening to have him cut out of their newborn son Tripp‘s life.

Recently Levi, along with his mother and sister Mercede, appeared on Larry King Live on April 22 to discuss the feud they’re having with the former Republican vice presidential candidate’s family.

"Bristol held a grudge against Mercede because some of her friends had dated Levi," the close source explained. "The girls meant nothing to Levi, but Bristol wouldn’t accept that. The irony is that Bristol stole Levi from her childhood best friend Lanesia Garcia, who dated Levi for three years before Bristol did!"

Previously, The ENQUIRER has reported exclusively that Levi was planning a custody battle. He had previously revealed he is not allowed to take his 4-month-old son out of the Palin home.

Both Levi and his mother confirmed to Larry King that they’ve retained lawyers to help Levi battle for custody of his child.

Levi also told Larry he wasn’t paying Bristol any child support, but added: "I have everything my boy needs back home – diapers, toys, everything."

Meanwhile Bristol is stunned that Levi is fighting back publicly.

"Bristol constantly threatens him, telling him that if he keeps up his publicity stunt she won’t let him see Tripp," said the close source.

"But in the end, she’ll have to listen to whatever a judge decides. Her mother may be governor, but Levi has a right to see his son whether she likes it or not!"