While ex- Levi Jonston‘s been shooting his mouth off on TV, Bristol Palin‘s been getting busy – with a new man!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol, 18, has found the cure for the breakup blues!
She’s turned to a former beau for emotional support in the aftermath of her split with Levi, her baby mama daddy.

The Wasilla, Alaska, teen is leaning on handsome school chum Johnny Chandler – her boyfriend before she fell for Levi, say friends.

"Johnny feels terrible over what Bristol is going through," a pal told The ENQUIRER.

"He thinks it’s hard enough being a new single mom, and on top of it, she has to cope with a breakup that people the world over are talking about.

"Johnny cares deeply about Bristol, but he’s still a little wary of them getting too serious again right now."

Johnny and Levi have fought about Johnny’s relationship with Bristol, revealed the pal.

"Levi and Johnny had a big blowup during their sophomore year in high school when Levi and Bristol hooked up while she was still with Johnny.

"Bristol finally broke it off with Johnny for Levi, which pretty much ruined Johnny and Levi’s friendship.

"Johnny forgave Bristol quickly because he cared for her so much, but it took a long time before he and Levi became tight again."