BRISTOL PALIN is one step closer to eliminating LEVI JOHNSTON from her life!
The ENQUIRER has exclusively learned that the 20-year-old former Dancing with the Stars contestant has changed the name of she and Levi’s son to Tripp Easton Mitchell PALIN — knocking off the Johnston surname.
In this screenshot of a recent Facebook posting to Bristol’s personal account, Bristol showed her excitement for the name change, saying “Tripp Easton Mitchell Palin… PALIN!!!”
A source told The ENQUIRER that Levi agreed to the name change if he didn’t have to pay child support.
“Levi is so cheap and will do anything to get out of paying any money for Tripp,” stated an insider.
“He doesn’t care about spending much time with Tripp—Bristol does everything and her boyfriend Gino has been more of a father figure to Tripp over the past couple of months than Levi.
“Bristol wants to fully eliminate Levi from her life and Levi is making it easier than ever for her.”