Teen Prego Queen BRISTOL PALIN  hooks up with hunk she stole from another woman and she’s already making baby plans! AND Mamma Grizzly SARAH is NOT pleased!

Not only does Bristol the Pistol have a new man – and she’s already making plans to tie the knot AND have another baby in 2011! 

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Bristol’s new beau is 20-year-old Alaska pipeline worker Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti.

The Dancing With the Stars finalist has known him for years, but the pair recently became a couple after spending time together in New York around Thanksgiving. Like Bristol, Gino is a Wasilla, Alaska, native.

According to a source close to Bristol, she first hooked up with Gino last year, while he was dating another gal.

And while Bristol is a public spokesperson for teen abstinence, behind closed doors  it’s another story especially with Gino!

For the full story and to see exclusive pix of Palin’s hunky new stud pick up the new ENQUIRER!