The Mummy star BRENDAN FRASER looking to reduce alimony payout but will still pay more than $30K a year in child support despite a severe injury impacting his earning power.

Fraser is requesting that his annual $900,000 alimony payment to Afton Smith be reduced – a right he had built into the divorce agreement, an insider tells RadarOnline.

Fraser injured his back while trying to free a tree that fell on his Connecticut home when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

“Brendan’s trying to reduce his alimony because he suffered a serious injury that could really impact his movie earning potential,” a source said.

Fraser had back surgery and then after months of rehabilitation in a Beverly Hills clinic, Brendan, 44, was advised not to perform his own stunts in future movies, which could drastically affect his pay.

But Fraser is not looking to cut back on child support.

 “He’s never missed one penny of his alimony or support payments,” says the insider.