Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are fighting over money – and it has led to their most vicious blowup ever!

Pals say things got so heated between the battling couple that Brad walked out on Angie, screaming: “I can’t take any more! You’re breaking us up!” before flying off to France in a rage.

“Right now Brad and Angie’s love affair is hanging by a thread,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

With mounting debts and crushing overheads to fund their lavish lifestyle, Brad is “demanding that they reduce household staff, scale back on travel, artwork, expensive wine, buying up the most buzzed about scripts and books in Hollywood and rein in their charitable donations,” said the insider.

Brad and Angelina’s combined net worth is an estimated $250 million, another source maintained, “but they’re spending more than they’re bringing in.

“Brad recently fired one of his most trusted employees as well as the children’s French tutor, telling them, ‘I can’t afford you anymore.’”

Added the source: “It’s hard to believe two of the biggest movie stars in the world need to pinch pennies. But they are facing some harsh financial realities just like millions of other families all across America.”

The superstars are parents to six kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 4, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2. And supporting all those kids comes at a high price.

They travel with six nannies, three security guards, a private chef and a small army of doctors, nurses and, up until recently, tutors.

In addition, they maintain houses all over the globe – a $9 million Malibu retreat, a $3.5 million New Orleans mansion, a seven-room home in Missouri, property in Cambodia and a sprawling $60 million French chateau.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, they’re also building a ranch in Namibia, Africa.

They were considering adding a $40 million Italian villa, but, the insider confided: “Brad nixed that, and he’s overseeing renovations on the French property to possibly prepare it for sale.”

During a recent date at the Spare Room in Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel on Jan. 26, the duo enjoyed some rare romantic alone time. But just days later, World War III erupted. Divulged the insider: “When Brad warned Angie that they needed to cut costs, she called him selfish and petty.”

She threw in Brad’s face his plans to go on a lavish VIP trip to Dallas for the Super Bowl. “He was livid about that,” the insider added, describing the argument as “the fight to end all fights.”

The battle ended with an enraged Brad flying commercial from Los Angeles to Paris on Jan. 31. He then traveled on to the lavish 1,000-acre estate he and Angie own in Provence – Chateau Miraval – which, the source says, he’s threatening to sell.

“Brad thinks he could sell the chateau for a big profit, which would help their cash flow.”

Since his return, the insider added, Brad, 47, and Angelina, 35, “are maintaining an uneasy truce for the sake of the kids, but who knows when the next big blowup will come? They’ve had problems in the past, but now it seems money issues could be what finally does them in.”