‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams’ Cash Flow Crisis!

Barry Williams, who played Greg on “The Brady Bunch"

Barry Williams, who played Greg on “The Brady Bunch,” is bleeding cash and watching helplessly as his bank accounts dwindle, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

Almost 50 years after he became a beloved TV icon, he has made the shocking claims in an income and expense report filed in connection with his nasty court battle against ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kennedy, who gave birth to their daughter, Samantha, in 2012 and claims the former star has insufficiently supported the child since.

Elizabeth said Barry, 60, is secretly a multimillionaire with access to an $11 million trust fund – an allegation his camp called “nonsense.”

Indeed, the newly filed court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER paint a much different picture. According to Barry’s filings, he works 70 hours per week as an “entertainer/producer,” but makes no income from that profession – and he didn’t earn anything last month, either.

He does, however, receive roughly $3,248 in dividends/interest per month, as well as $2,927 in rental property income, according to the documents. Overall, Barry’s filing shows he actually loses $12,542 in an average month.