What “Hangover” hunk BRADLEY COOPER doesn’t want YOU to know about his secret torment!

“Hangover” hunk Bradley Cooper drives women wild – but deep down he’s an insecure loner who wrestled with booze-and-drug addiction, “loves” therapy and needed extensive plastic surgery to save his handsome face. He also lives in fear of cancer because the disease killed his beloved dad.

“It’s amazing that a guy as good looking and talented as Bradley could be so unsure of himself,” a longtime pal of “The Words” star told The ENQUIRER.

“Women fall all over him and he really doesn’t understand why.”

His good looks were suddenly put in jeopardy when he was only 15 and accidentally ran into a glass lamp, badly cutting his face and requiring plastic surgery.

“I couldn’t move part of my face for six months!” Cooper, 37, said.

He wound up with six scars on his face, the biggest of which stretches from his left eyebrow to his scalp. It also damaged his self-confidence.

“Bradley was shy with girls in high school because of the accident,” revealed his pal.

Later, when his acting career stalled, Bradley turned to alcohol and drugs to lift his spirits.

When he was 29, he flew into a violent booze-and-drug-fueled rage, beating his head on the floor until it bled.

That terrifying incident landed Coop in the hospital. Desperate and frightened by his out-of-control addictions, he finally realized he had to clean up his act “or he was really going to ruin his life.”

Now, he says: “I don’t drink or do drugs at all anymore.” To help stay on the straight and narrow, he tried therapy – and got hooked on it.

“Oh, god, I love therapy,” he admits. “I thought it was fantastic.”

But the star still wrestles with his fears, and one of his biggest is cancer, say sources.

It claimed the life of his stockbroker dad Charles last year at age 71.

“He’s scared to death of dying young,” divulged the source. “But before his dad passed away,

Bradley made one of the old man’s dreams come true. He landed his dad a cameo role in “The A-Team” movie.

Said the source: “Bradley loved that he could give his father one last gift.”