Brad Pitt’s Bizarre Double Life!

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BRAD PITT is one of Hollywood’s most likable and admired superstars – with leading man looks and movie star charisma.

But in private, the dad of six is a dramatically different person, living a life of secrets and lies, and hiding a passion for sex and drugs! In an exhaustive investigation, The National ENQUIRER has uncovered all the details of the twisted double life led by the actor who catapulted to heartthrob status with his six-pack abs in “Thelma & Louise” almost 25 years ago.

“Brad has fooled everyone for years!” a source close to the 51-year-old hunk told The ENQUIRER.

“But he’s actually a hypocrite! What he says and does behind closed doors are often two very different things!”

Brad has talked publicly about how he quit smoking marijuana after almost turning into a “doughnut,” saying: “I’m a dad now – you want to be alert.”

But a source told The ENQUIRER Brad’s fixation with smoking still rages – despite wife Angelina Jolie revealing her brave decision to go under the knife a second time to beat cancer.

Brad often sneaks off to smoke in secluded spots on the family estate in Los Feliz, Calif., an insider said.

He also uses his Airstream trailer as his personal drug lair, divulged a source.

“Brad will often head there with a buddy, a few joints, some beer and a pack of cigarettes to wind down from the stresses of the day,” said one pal.

Angie also caught Brad smoking pot at their temporary London home while he filmed “World War Z,” and “railed at him for setting a terrible example for their kids,” an insider said.

During a break while filming “The Big Short” on April 16, Brad lit up a suspicious looking cigarette in a secluded area on set, said an onlooker.

“He looked sheepish, like he didn’t want to be seen,” added the witness.

Angie is furious about Brad smoking, said a source.

“Here she is doing all she can to stay healthy – while Brad is puffing his life away. When she saw the photos of Brad’s secret smoking session, she really read him the riot act!”

According to one pal, Brad is “totally hooked” on marijuana.

During his single days, his bachelor pad was littered with the gear of a hardcore drug user.

“You’d walk into his house, and there were different grades of dope and lots of bongs and smoking paraphernalia on a table,” said the source.

Brad even bragged about lighting a joint as soon as he woke up – a routine he dubbed “wake ’n’ bake!”

He also shocked employees when he dropped by the now-closed drug paraphernalia store, 2000 BC, on L.A.’s trendy Melrose Avenue.

“Brad once came in and spent $1,500 on a dozen bongs to give to the crew of a film he’d just finished,” a staffer recalled.

Brad boasted to the store owner that he’d been working on a movie with a famous leading man who was also a dedicated doper.

“Brad told me, ‘We blaze every day in my trailer!’ ” said the employee.

The ENQUIRER has also learned Brad is harboring an even sleazier secret: He once paid a surprise visit to a seedy Nevada brothel – and got up close and personal with two stark-naked hookers!

He rolled up at the Chicken Ranch cathouse with his entourage in 2005.

One prostitute shared intimate details of the steamy tryst exclusively with The ENQUIRER.

“Brad smiled and laughed – and after the photographer had finished shooting he gave us a kiss,” said the woman, who calls herself Brooke. “I kept thinking, ‘I’m naked with Brad Pitt in a brothel!’ ”

Even though Brad and Angie married last August, he’s been unable to ease her fear that he may stray.

Angie “hasn’t forgotten” she stole Brad away from his now ex-wife Jennifer Aniston,” explained one source.

To Angie’s horror, the set of his hit zombie movie “World War Z” was an extramarital smorgasbord!

She “flew into a jealous rage over his scenes with his sexy co-star Katia Bokor,” according to an insider, and she was reportedly livid over fiery redhead Mireille Enos, 39, being cast as Brad’s wife.

Brad played it coy with other beauties on set, including production assistant Lara Marsden, 28, and French actress Julia Levy-Boeken, 30.

The insider added: “Despite the fact that Brad has assured Angie she’s got nothing to worry about, she sees red every time he works with a beautiful actress.”

Brad gets in trouble behind the camera, too.

His production company produced the 2013 drama “12 Years a Slave,” which earned 32-year-old actress Lupita Nyong’o an Academy Award.

At a Hollywood event, he gushed over the Kenyan beauty, declaring: “She’s a very special young lady.”

An insider said: “Angie’s working her tail off while Brad runs around acting like a carefree bachelor. He’s trapped in a secret life!”