Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had two African trysts within 13 days, proving to the world that they’re madly in love with each other.

The National Enquirer revealed last week that the couple sneaked off to a secluded resort in Kenya on April 19. Now we can disclose that Brad and Angelina traveled to Morocco for a second secret escapade beginning on April 30. Their decision to lock themselves away in a hotel suite for more than 24 hours there made a mockery of their denials that they’re lovers.

“Any man would lust after a woman with the beauty of Angelina. I don’t know why they bother hiding their love,” said airport worker Muhammed Dhabi, who saw them arrive by private jet at a desert military base near Marrakech, in Morocco.

“It is so silly. The whole world now knows they’re lovers but they got off the plane separately as though they were ashamed. You could see they are a couple in love. They got into their car together and they’re so obviously crazy about each other.”

Another observer who saw Angelina follow Pitt from the jet told The National Enquirer: “Angelina came down the steps a couple of minutes behind Brad. I guess they were trying to stay apart in case any photographers happened to be around. But this game of hide and seek is becoming a joke. It’s so obvious they’re in love and can’t stay apart.”

Within a couple of hours of landing, they had checked into the luxurious Amanjena Hotel, situated near the Paramount studios at Ouarzazate where Brad is filming his new movie Babel. Pitt is a regular at the hotel which has 34 pavilions and six private gardens in its huge grounds.

One source at the hotel joked: “I don’t think there will be any requests for camel rides or dinner reservations from Brad and Angelina. They are said to have stayed in their retreat all of Saturday night and all of Sunday. They were ordering bottles of red Moroccan wine and having a fantastic time.” Throughout their second romantic meeting, the couple went to extreme lengths to avoid being seen.

“I don’t know why they hide,” the source added. “They should come out into the open and let the world know they’re in love.”