First survivor’s harrowing moments as plane ditches in frigid Hudson!

US Air Flight 1549 was en route from LaGuardia Airport in NY to Charlotte N.C. when it struck geese that were sucked into the engine turbines.  The disabled plane, an Airbus 320, was in trouble over the most densely populated areas of the nation.

National Enquirer Senior Reporter Alexander Hitchen
interviewed a survivor from the plane crash after he had been brought to safety ashore from sub zero temperatures in the Hudson River.
Jeff Kolodjay, a 31-year-old married man whose wife Dianne is four months pregnant, told The ENQUIRER of the harrowing ordeal: "I was sitting in seat 22-A looking forward to going to a golf tournament in Charlotte and then there was a massive explosion and fire!

"I could see the engine on the left side explode! Smoke filled the air outside the plane by my window.
"We dropped height immediately and the captain said, ‘Brace for impact!’

"I said five Hail Marys and wanted to see Dianne, who fortunately wasn’t on the flight with me.
"The landing into the sea wasn’t as hard as I expected. As soon as we touched down there was massive impact as we hit the water, enough to blow out windows besides me. Within seconds, my feet were under 10 inches of water.
"I didn’t go to the rear. I went forward. It took us about five minutes to get off. It was pretty dark inside. We left through the front and got on to a raft."
The survivors were then ferried from the frigid Hudson to EMTs waiting on shore.

Government officials do not believe the crash is related to terrorism.

All passengers have been accounted for and are alive – some injuries have been reported.

Locals who saw the low flying plane immediately had 9/11 flashbacks but thanks to the steady nerves and cool handling of the crippled plane by the heroic pilot, Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III  — a true captain, who swept the center aisle twice to ensure no one else was still on board, copilot Jeff Skiles, the Coast Guard, NY Waterway ferry workers, first responders and EMTS, a miracle happened today in New York.

Kolodjay from Norwalk, Ct. said thankfully, "I am just happy everyone on the plane lived."