MILEY CYRUS is set to splurge big on plastic surgery – and get bodacious boobs just like her godmother Dolly Parton.

Although her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, are dead-set against it, the queen of twerking intends to get a chiseled new look because “she’s desperate to have more womanly curves,” revealed a family friend.

“Whenever she meets up with Dolly, she’s always mesmerized by her body and wishes she had an hourglass figure, too.

“She’s looking at having a boob job and butt implants and getting chiseled cheekbones and fuller lips.”

The pop tart is also said to be mulling a smile lift – a slight upturn to each side of the mouth to provide a perma-smile.

“Miley tries her best to look sexy but thinks she looks like a skinny little girl on stage,” said the source. “She says a lot of fans still see her as a child star trying to be grown up.

“She wants to be able to shake her booty like J.Lo and Beyoncé – and wow people with a figure like Kim Kardashian.”

The once-upon-a-time Disney star’s chief inspiration is 68-year-old country queen Parton, who Miley calls “Aunt Dolly.”

“Miley and Dolly have always been incredibly close,” said the source, “and Miley wants a career like hers.”

Miley’s role model and godmother has repeatedly undergone the old nip and tuck, and has explained, “I think you should do it if it’s going to make you feel better.”

But Miley’s deeply concerned parents are said to be appalled at their daughter’s decision to expand her assets.

“They are scared she’ll do something drastic and regret it,” said the source. “They are dreading her having a trout pout at the age of 21.

“But Miley is hell-bent on trying to look sexier!” the source added.