Boy George Storms Off ‘The Voice Australia’ Stage

Culture Club singer later admits he had ‘a bit of a diva moment’!

Boy George Storms Off ‘The Voice Australia Stage’
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Talk about you come and go! Boy George stormed off the set of The Voice Australia on Sunday, May 19, after apparently misunderstanding a contestant’s response to his question!

It all started after each of the four coaches — the Culture Club singer, Kelly Rowland, Guy Sebastian, and Delta Goodrem — all buzzed to indicate they wanted Melbourne busker Daniel Shaw during his blind audition.

The 57-year-old music icon asked the young man whether he played guitar, to which Shaw replied, “I can play guitar, but no one really cares if I play guitar.”

“No one cares?! I do!” exclaimed the exasperated “Karma Chameleon” crooner. “I think after that comment, go with Delta. ‘No one cares if I play the guitar.’ What a weird thing to say!”

The coaches all looked around awkwardly during his outburst before Sebastian finally spoke to break the tension. “I know what something like what you did can do to your life,” stated Sebastian, who won the country’s inaugural season of Idol in 2003, to Shaw. “You’ve just shown people that you have the goods.”

As he spoke, George grabbed his cellphone and stormed off the stage as the coaches watched him, flabbergasted.

“We’ve lost a coach …,” Goodrem observed.

Backstage, the cameras followed producer Leigh Aramberri chasing after George and trying to find out what set off the legendary singer.

“[Expletive] off, Leigh, OK?! Don’t follow me! I’m annoyed,” George snapped. “He turns around and goes to me, ‘Who cares if I play guitar?’ Rude [expletive]. That’s not cool! I’m not going back! [Expletive] off!”

According to News.com.au, Aramberri explained to the three other coaches on Monday’s episode that George had merely misunderstood Shaw’s response to his question. “He kind of thought he was giving him an opportunity to talk about the guitar and then the artist said, ‘No one cares if I play guitar.’ Daniel said that and it struck a nerve with George.”

“I think he’s having a tough time because there’s no one on his team yet,” Aramberri added. “He’s fine. He just needs time to cool down.”

And the Culture Club crooner did just that. After laughing off his own antics, he admitted that he misunderstood Shaw’s response.

“I’m good. I just misheard what was said and I just went, you know, when you just go in the moment,” he told Aramberri backstage.

“I’m kind of fine now and I’m a bit embarrassed,” he added.

The singer did eventually return to his big red chair where he admitted he had “a bit of a diva moment.”

“I’m back and I’m ready to fight now. I’m going to have fun,” he said. “Passion. It just takes you somewhere. Sometimes, you care too much, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think that’s a good thing.”