Booze fueled GOP Senator steals car from home of ‘complete stranger” and then busted by cops for DUI!

Idaho state senator John McGee was caught trying to back a stolen Ford Excursion and cargo trailer into a neighbor's yard in Boise.

Lt. Kody Aldrich said Sen. McGee didn’t know the owner of the vehicle nor did he know why he was in the area in the first place.

"Nobody knows why he was there," Aldrich said. "It doesn't sound like he did either."

The Republican caucus chairman, 38, was booked into the Ada County Jail at 4:27 a.m. after police found that he had a blood alcohol content of .15 – almost twice Idaho's legal limit.

A neighbor of the vehicle's owner, said he became aware of the boozy McGee when the senator got stuck trying to turn the rig around.

"I was awakened by the sound of my kids screaming that there was somebody out in the backyard," Carleton said.

The senator got out of the Excursion after it got stuck and began wandering the street.

He returned to the vehicle and promptly passed out in the SUV's backseat.

When a neighbor awakened McGee, the inebriated pol said "he was looking for the promised land."

He found it – behind bars.