The tragedy of Bobbi Kristina Brown didn’t come as a shock to readers of The National ENQUIRER, with numerous articles exposing the downward spiral of her troubled life. That included a seedy circle of pals who were eager to exploit the wealth of Whitney Houston’s distraught daughter.

NICK GORDON Nick, 25, had been in a rocky relationship with Bobbi Kristina, claiming he married her in Jan. 2014. Cops were called for domestic disputes, and neighbors reported seeing them under the influence. Gordon admitted there were drugs in the house when he filed a lawsuit to stop police from seizing surveillance footage. He entered rehab after an “intervention” on Dr. Phil’s show on March 6.

MASON WHITAKER Gun collector Mason Whitaker calls himself Gordon’s BFF. He has posted several photos of himself with Bobbi Kristina during her drug-addled past few years. The 23-year-old pleaded guilty in 2010 for possession of marijuana and other narcotics with intent to distribute. He was Gordon’s passenger last year when Bobbi Kristina’s “hubby” lost control of and crashed his BMW in Roswell, Ga.

MAX LOMAS He was an ex of Bobbi Kristina’s and was with Gordon when he found her in the tub in her Georgia home on Jan. 31. Weeks earlier, Lomas was in jail on multiple charges after allegedly drugging and holding his girlfriend hostage. In 2011, he got into a wild fight with Gordon and Bobbi Kristina – who was just 18 at the time. He repeatedly punched her friend, Justin Walls, in the face, while Gordon waved a Glock 19 handgun in the air.

CORY BEN-HANANIA Cory Ben-Hanania, 20, will soon face trial for murder for allegedly injecting Bobbi Kristina’s pal Chelsea with enough heroin to kill her. He’d bought the drugs from pal Kevin McCaffrey, and coaxed her into being the first to inject the lethal narcotic. Instead of calling 911 after Chelsea overdosed, Ben-Hanania and his pal, Sebastian Andrade, left her body to be found 10 hours later.

CHELSEA BENNETT Chelsea Bennett was only 20 years old when she was injected with a lethal dose of pure heroin by one of the two men charged with her murder. She had been close friends with Bobbi Kristina for years. “I love you chels!” Bobbi Kristina posted on Instagram just before Chelsea’s untimely death. “So much fun with you & have been friends with you since I can remember!”

PAIGE THOMPSON & ALEXIS NORWOOD  Paige Thompson loved to post photos of her BFFs Gordon and Bobbi Kristina, until police raided her home and found heroin. She is now defending Gordon from behind bars. Alexis Norwood, Paige’s daughter, was also busted in 2013 for heroin possession. A nurse who was treating her injuries related to a car accident called the cops after finding a bag of suspected heroin in her bra.