Blown-Up Ricki Lake Putting Her Life At Risk!

Ricki lake sq

Ricki Lake could be eating herself into an early grave!

The former talk show host, famous for her diet struggles, is in the midst of another bizarre blowup – triggered by a painful divorce from second husband Christian Evans.

“She looks as if she’s gained 80 pounds!” said a shocked Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Ricki. “If she keeps this up she’ll put herself at risk for 65 life-threatening diseases.”

Ricki, now a 46-year-old mother of two, tipped the scales at a whopping 260 pounds when she debuted in 1988’s hit comedy “Hairspray.” She lost 100 pounds in an extreme 1993 diet. She gained most of it back, then lost 100 pounds again in 2007.

The split from Christian, a jewelry designer she wed in 2012 and divorced last October, has sent the “Cry Baby” star spiraling out of control again.

But this time health experts warned those pounds may come with deadly consequences.

“Every time her weight goes up, she increases her blood sugar and cholesterol to dangerous levels,” explained Dr. Fischer. “Every time she uses a starvation diet, she risks cardiac arrest and stroke. She’s not a kid anymore. Her body just can’t take it.”