With a twitch of her nose, "Bewitched" actress ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY cast a spell on American TV audiences, becoming everyone's favorite "witch-next-door." But her charms off-screen were just as powerful, and she worked her magic on the hearts of some of Hollywood's most famous leading men.

Elvis Presley, Dean Martin and Gary Cooper all fell for the stunning blonde – and sources say she even carried on a sizzling affair with famed ballet dancer Alexander Godunov, who tragically drank himself to death when he learned she was stricken with terminal cancer.

"There was a lot more to Liz Montgomery than the public knew," a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER.

"She was one of the sexiest and most sought-out women in TinselTown, and men threw themselves at her feet until the day she died."

In his new book, "Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery," author Herbie J. Pilato reveals the behind-the-scenes love secrets of America's most beloved witch.

"Elizabeth was and remains one of the most beautiful and talented women who ever graced television," Pilato told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. "She enchanted every man she ever met, for better or for worse."

Elizabeth was 62 when she died of cancer in 1995. She married four times and had three children with her third husband, William Asher, the producer of "Bewitched."

According to the book, Elizabeth began a relationship with Elvis Presley when she was married to her second husband, Academy Award-winning actor Gig Young. The two men worked together on the film "Kid Galahad," and there was tremendous tension on the set because Young found his young wife flirting with Elvis behind his back, according to Pilato's book.

Pilato also brings to light an affair between Elizabeth and married crooner Dean Martin, who starred with her in 1963's "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" The romance was allegedly a rebound after she dumped Young.

Elizabeth's first marriage to Fred Cammann ended in a quickie Nevada divorce in 1955. Not long after that, a stagehand on the set of her film "The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell" caught her in the dressing room of co-star Gary Cooper.

"Coop and Lizzie were definitely lovers," the source said. "He was much older than she was, but the chemistry between them was electric."

She also had a secret, red-hot affair with Russian ballet dancer-turned- actor Alexander "Sascha" Godunov while she was living with former "Falcon Crest" heartthrob Robert Foxworth.

"They were addicted to each other," the source said. "Liz loved Robert, but Sascha had an incredibly powerful sway over her. After he found out she was dying, it broke his heart into a million pieces."

Elizabeth broke off the affair because of Godunov's drinking problem and married Foxworth shortly before her death.

"When Elizabeth went home to die, Sascha lost himself in an alcoholic haze," the source added. "He eventually drank himself to death. "Ironically, he died the same day she did."