Bloated Alec Baldwin Is Too Grumpy For Hottie Hilaria!

Alec baldwin splash

Grouchy Alec Baldwin’s relationship with his hot young wife, Hilaria, is so rocky the couple has called sex therapist Dr. Ruth in a desperate bid to save their marriage.

“They’ve been fighting a lot,” a source close to the couple exclusively told The National ENQUIRER. “Alec’s always been a hothead with her, but now it’s gotten even worse!”

The battling Baldwins wed in 2012. They have a daughter, Carmen, 2, and Hilaria, 31, gave birth to Rafael in June.

While sources close to the actor denied all, our insiders said the strain of raising a new family is too much for Alec, 57. “Alec is permanently tired and irritable,” said the source, “and it’s driving Hilaria nuts!

“She can’t stand his mood swings! She moved into a separate bedroom about a month ago because she couldn’t take it anymore.”

And it’s not just his attitude that needs adjusting. “Alec is no help at all around the house and he’s hopeless with the kids,” said the insider. “Now he’s packing on the pounds again, and Hilaria’s had enough.”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 87, told the couple “they need to find time for each other,” added the source. “And not allow the kids to totally take over their lives.”