Mike Walker

Gwen & Blake’s Sex Toy Shocker

Country star shows off a natural touch!

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Mike Walker Reports… Cooling his heels while waiting for sweetheart/fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani to dress for a romantic night out, Blake Shelton idly dipped his idle hands into a pile of Play-Doh left out by Sweetie’s three tykes.

Then he…well, started playing with it, molding and shaping tiny objects!

Gwen Stefani Vs. Blake Shelton’s Breath

Snitched My Country Canary: “But when gorgeous Gwen finally emerged and eyeballed her honey’s ‘colorful’ artwork, she turned beet red and shrieked, ‘WTF!…sex toys!…You’ve been making sex toys!?! ’

Shocked, Blake balked, stammering: ‘Whaat? … NO, I made you a set of tiny table utensils … See?! They’re just forks, spoons and such!

Blake Shelton Gunnin’ For ‘Gunsmoke’ Movie

“I used to make these when I was little … I thought you’d think it was kinda cute!’”

After a closer inspection, Gwen — totally embarrassed — burst out giggling and said, “Right, I get it…but now you’ve given me some hot ideas, Big Boy!”