Blake Shelton Loses 25 Pounds For New Gwen Stefani Romance!

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Blake Shelton has cut back on booze and dropped about 25 pounds after falling hard for his fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani!

Now they’re Tinseltown’s hottest couple, finding comfort in each other’s arms after shocking divorces marked by accusations of cheating.

Since splitting from singer Miranda Lambert, the 6-foot-5 hunk has cleaned up his act.

He’s curbed his drinking and gone from 255 pounds to 230 — with promises to lose more.

“It’s no secret Blake had let himself go when his marriage to Miranda crashed and burned,” said one source.

“But now he’s in love with Gwen, and he’s going to do everything he can to win her over.

“Gwen has him eating right and exercising. But even more importantly, he’s cut down on his boozing. No question their relationship is taking off!”

The romance heated up after Blake, 39, and Gwen, 46, romped together at a series of Halloween bashes.

First they acted cool at George Clooney’s Oct. 30 party, arriving and leaving separately.

Later Blake, dressed in a Mexican poncho, flannel shirt and trucker’s hat, was practically frothing at the bit waiting for Gwen to hit Jared Leto’s Hollywood Hills bash in her sexy cowgirl outfit.

They hooked up for 40 minutes before leaving together.

A source says they were “holding hands” before speeding away in the same car!

The next night, they got real touchy-feely at fellow “Voice” coach Adam Levine’s party in Studio City.

Blake kept Gwen close, sliding his big mitts to her waist before putting “one hand on her backside,” saids a source.

Later, Gwen admitted she was Blake’s “party girl” and they were seeking “a little fun.”

The couple could use it, too! Gwen is recovering from her split with Gavin Rossdale amid rumors of cheating — and just put their marital home on the market.

Blake ditched Miranda amid charges they’d BOTH strayed!

Now Blake and Gwen are both happier than they’ve been in years, said the insider, who added: “We’ll just have to see how far this goes.”

Gwen confirmed her sizzling romance with Blake just before the CMA Awards, but that didn’t faze Miranda, 32, who waltzed off with the Female Vocalist of the Year trophy.

Still, insiders suggest she isn’t completely happy about the turn of events.

After taking the trophy, she told fans, “I needed a bright spot this year.” But it shouldn’t be long before Miranda has a new man in her life, claimed insiders.

Said one source: “With that face and figure and talent, you can bet Miranda’s going to be pestered by a bunch of bucks!”