Too Fancy!

Blake Shelton Draws Line With Gwen Stefani Over Sushi

Country star puts brakes on Hollywood dining!

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Blake Shelton showed off his country credentials when he couldn’t man up and swallow a teeny-tiny bit of sushi — 
no matter how much California girl Gwen Stefani nudged him to try a nibble!

“Gwen schlepped Blake to trendy Katsuya in Studio City,” said a barfly spy, but then the finicky “Hillbilly Bone” crooner refused to take on a challenge for his cowboy taste buds.

“Gwen started nagging Blake to sidestep his country comfort zone and finally try something a little different, insisting it was marvelously mouth-watering delicious!”

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But, added the source, “He just wasn’t in the mood to taste the delicacy.”

The playful Hollaback Girl still wouldn’t take no for an answer, though.

“Gwen tried ramming a piece of her yummy dish into his mouth with her chopsticks,” chuckled the source.
“Then she grabbed some with her fingers and smashed the fishy bite right into his clenched kisser. Poor Blake looked like he was going to gag!”