Blake Shelton Beaten Up By Manic Miranda Lambert!

Miranda Lambert’s angry words to Blake Shelton

Country star Miranda Lambert’s angry words to Blake Shelton – “I’ll kill you!” – fueled their $100 million divorce battle, with charges that the spitfire of a wife beat her 6-foot-5 husband!

“It was a regular occurrence for Miranda to get very drunk and hit Blake,” a shaken eyewitness told The National ENQUIRER.

“The fights were awkward and embarrassing for everyone around them!”

Though Miranda has denied the allegations of violence, sources claim Blake’s 5-foot-4, 125-pound wife even routinely threatened to murder her husband during the couple’s boozy brawls!

“It would usually happen when she’d see him talking to another girl,” claimed the concerned insider.

“Miranda would drunkenly yell at him, ‘If you ever do that again, I’ll kill you!’”

Sadly, the celebrity marriage was troubled from the start: Friends and family were shocked during a party at the home of her parents in 2011 – just six months after they tied the knot – when a clash turned physical.

“[Miranda] didn’t like something that Blake said to another woman,” another witness told The ENQUIRER.

“She slapped him hard on the face and said, ‘Don’t talk like that! Next time you say that, I am going to put my foot in your a–!’

Blake shouted back: “I am not your punching bag. Don’t put your hands on me!”

Blake, 39, filed for divorce from his 31-year-old wife on July 6, amid allegations that their four-year marriage was wrecked by accusations of cheating on both sides!

“Miranda’s boozing may have steered him into the arms of other women,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Fans didn’t know that Blake and Miranda had horrible fights throughout their marriage, and she would get physical with him, seeing how far she could push him!

“Of course, being a man – and a foot taller and nearly 100 pounds heavier – all Blake could do was deflect her blows. He never fought back. He would just blame her drinking!”

Blake romanced nine women during his marriage to Miranda – including singer/songwriter Cady Groves, who, after his divorce announcement, declared: “I never quit loving you – you just ran.”

Miranda also confronted her straying husband over relationships with aspiring actress Lindsey Sporrer and former season 3 “Voice” winner Cassadee Pope.

Miranda, meanwhile, was accused of running around with multiple lovers, including country hunk Chris Young – who has publicly denied being a factor in the couple’s split.

Said a concerned pal: “Blake and Miranda were the crowning couple of country music – but it was a match made in hell!”