AS a shocking new cheating scandal explodes, friends fear that country su­perstars BlAKE SHELTON and MIRNDA LAMBERT are heading for a $40 million divorce!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that the two singers are angrily accusing each other of playing around and making a mockery of their once-solid three-year marriage.

Adding fuel to the fire, insiders say when Mi­randa attacks Blake for his boozy badboy behavior with other women, the “Voice” coach blasts back at the feisty blonde for her steamy romances with an admitted criminal and one of his best pals.

“Friends of the couple say it’s the end,” an insider close to Blake, 37, told The ENQUIRER.

“Blake is humiliating Miranda at every opportu­nity. Ultimately, her only option is divorce.”

Another insider added: “Everyone in Nashville has heard about their marital problems. Miranda has a lot of pride and she’s not going to allow anyone, especially her husband, to constantly humiliate her in public.”

The couple has repeatedly been rocked by allegations of Blake’s cheating, and insid­ers say the final straw came when the hunky “Honey Bee” singer was photographed with blonde bombshell Lindsey Sporrer at former “Voice” coach Usher’s recent birthday party.

Lindsey, a 25-year-old aspiring actress, is a younger, prettier version of Miranda, and published reports claimed she and Blake were “connected at the shoulder all night” during the event at a Los Angeles nightclub.

“When Miranda saw the photo, she flipped out,” said the source. “She called Blake and accused him of cheating on her with Lindsey. Blake denied it and tried to laugh it off as ridiculous jealousy on Miranda’s part, but she wasn’t buying it. She went on and on about how Blake’s constantly humiliating her in public with other women.”


As The ENQUIRER has reported, Miranda’s al­ready confronted singer Cady Groves, 24, whom she suspected of cheating with her hubby, although both Cady and Blake claimed their relationship was inno­cent. Miranda also reportedly warned Blake to stay away from Season 3 “Voice” winner Cassadee Pope, 24, a beauty he had mentored. Sources say she’s also felt threatened by Blake working with sexy singers Christina Aguilera, Shakira and even cougar Cher on “The Voice.” Now friends say a fed up Miranda, 29, is shop­ping for a divorce attorney.

“Miranda is weighing her op­tions right now on where to file – Oklahoma, Texas or California,” said the source.

But Blake has battled back with guns blazing, bashing Miranda for her sleazy past beaus and infidelities, say sources.

His main target has been Jeff McManus, a country singer who has a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, tours nationally, goes by the name Jeff Allen, and has a criminal past.

Miranda dated McManus from 2003 to 2005, but she dumped him by telephone weeks after meeting Blake in June 2005 at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert, said the source.

According to criminal documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, McManus was arrested for theft in Tyler, Texas, in 1999. He was charged with a class B misdemeanor and faced up to 180 days in jail. He pleaded guilty and was fined $500, although the fine was waived, and given 50 hours of commu­nity service.

But that wasn’t his last brush with the law. In September 2005, McManus was indicted for felony arson in McLennan County, Texas.

Court documents state with “intent Jeff damaged or destroyed a vehicle by fire or explosion by igniting a flammable accelerant, within the city or town limits of Waco, Texas.” He received deferred adjudication probation in a plea agreement.

Now Blake is apparentlty us­ing McManus’ criminal past to gain the upper hand with Miranda.

“Whenever Miranda brings up cheat­ing rumors, Blake throws Jeff in her face,” the source revealed.

“He’s told her, ‘At least I didn’t date a criminal! And I haven’t broken the law. Where the hell would you be now if you had stayed with this guy?’”

To make matters worse, a friend said Blake only recently learned that Miranda carried on an affair with country singer Jamey Johnson in 2007 – after she’d been dating Blake for a year.

“Blake considers Jamey a pal and couldn’t believe it had been kept from him for so long,” said the friend.

“When he found out, Blake lit into Miranda in a rage. He said that while he may like to flirt, he hasn’t been bedding other women behind her back, so she’s in no position to call him a cheater. He was livid.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Blake’s boozing has been another issue between the couple – with Miranda ordering her hubby into rehab.

“Basically, Blake’s favorite pastime is drinking and then posting messages on Twitter about how drunk he is,” said the source.

“He feels like he has a good ol’ boy reputation to live up to, but it’s been disastrous for their mar­riage.”

The friend added: “Blake says their marriage problems stem from Miranda not wanting to be in L.A. with him while he films ‘The Voice.’

“But I don’t think any of us believe Blake really wants her in L.A. He can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants out there with no Miranda looking over his shoulder. He loves that.”

While Blake can brag to friends “that he has the best of both worlds” being married to a country music star while still having his freedom, pals believe the other shoe is about to drop.

“Their marriage is doomed,” said the friend.

“Miranda may be diminutive in stature, but she’s one feisty girl. Blake better watch out – because she’s had enough.”