Bitter Secrets Marlon Brando’s Wife Took To The Grave

Marlon brando corbis

A decade after Marlon Brando’s death, his first wife, Anna Kashfi, 80, died never having forgiven the screen legend for destroying the life of their son Christian, and wrecking their marriage with bisexual affairs.

“Anna hated Marlon right to the bitter end!” a source told The National ENQUIRER after the actress’ death was announced on Aug. 21.

After “The Godfather” star died at age 80 from respiratory failure in 2004, Anna skewered the Hollywood legend in an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER.

“My marriage to Marlon was a misery – he cheated on me with both men and women,” raged Anna, then 70.

She then blamed him for turning Christian into a murderer who served five years in prison for killing the boyfriend of his half-sister, Cheyenne.

“All Christian wanted was his father’s love – but there were too many other children who were getting that instead of him,” Anna told The ENQUIRER.

“Nothing Christian did pleased his father. He wanted to be an actor – but his dad wouldn’t help him.

“Soon Christian was into drugs and booze – and hanging out with the Hollywood crowd – Marlon was disgusted. All these events came to a tragic conclusion when Christian shot Dag Drollet, thinking the man was abusing Cheyenne.”

After Cheyenne tragically committed suicide, Anna told The ENQUIRER: “When my poor son got out of prison, Marlon banished him – sending him to live in rural Washington state.

“Brando also threatened Christian with disinheritance if he ever spoke to me, his own mother. But Christian did visit and call, and begged me not to tell his father.”

Christian died in 2008, at age 49, of pneumonia.